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What’s in the Box: Gourmet Spotting Review

Really, Gourmet Spotting? This is what you considered worth my $37?

Their website proudly promises 4-6 full sized gourmet products. I hadn’t expected one of those full sized products to be a squeezy lemon. Seriously? In addition to being one of the cheapest items in any grocery store, these abominations are a crime against citrus. If I want to fill my mouth with the painful tartness of citric acid preservatives I’ll engineer a mutant tree that sheds citrus dust instead of pollen. It still won’t taste as foul as a squeezy lemon.

Another allegedly full sized item was actually a sample sized bottle of black truffle infused balsamic vinegar. This just shows poor judgement. I side with every celebrity chef when they say truffle oil should be banned from civilized kitchens. Even for those who love it, the flavor is completely lost when paired with the astringent strength of balsamic vinegar. This item alone made me think the curators of this box are more interested in outdated buzzwords than flavor.

The one genuinely full sized item was a package of oversized noodles. I’m not sure what makes it “Gourmet,” though thousands of people can be found “Spotting” noodles on their grocery store aisle every day.

I have no complaints about the blackberry jelly with violet. While I hesitate to call the small pot a full sized item, at least it wasn’t something any drunk can acquire at 2 a.m. when shopping hungry.

The Gourmet Spotting box was a waste of both money and anticipation. Save your cash for more worthwhile food subscriptions. You’re better off shopping drunk on Amazon’s gourmet section. You’ll be just as surprised and end up with a better selection of food. Even my disdain is wasted on this box.

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