Manly Man’s Mantry Subscription Box Review + 2 Manly Man Cocktail Recipes

The good folks at Mantry sent me a manly crate full of manly foods guaranteed to put hair on your chest. Since I don’t have a fine, strokeable beard, I recruited two gentlemen from FanboyTV to witness and comment as I opened the box. Within, we found: $15 Pok Pok Thai Basil Drinking Vinegar $10 Gordy’s Thai Basil Jalapenos $8

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Nerd Box Review Trifecta: Loot Crate vs Nerd Block vs Booty Bin

Geek Subscription Box Comparison: Loot Crate vs Booty Bin vs Nerd Block

In addition to being your Kitchen Overlord, Chris-Rachael Oseland also co-hosts FanboyTV’s weekly geek talk show, Fanservice. This week, she brought in a trifecta of nerdy goodness to compare the actual prices and contents of the venerable Loot Crate, the newcomer Nerd Block, and the consistently underwhelming Booty Bin. Loot Crate Price: around $20 (including shipping and handling) Value: around

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Loot Crate versus Booty Bin

UPDATE! I have a newer review of Loot Crate vs Booty Bin vs newcomer Nerd Block. Click here to see a comparison of all three. I’m sure the question of Loot Crate versus Booty Bin hasn’t actually been keeping anyone up nights, but I get a surprising number of 3 a.m. emails from people wanting to know which geek subscription

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What’s in the Box: Peckish May Review

I’m not sure it’s possible to fully express my disdain for the Peckish Food Subscription Box. The website makes it sound pretty good. For $15+shipping, you get three generously sized bags of organic snacks. You’re allowed to pick among themes including “Energy Booster,” “Protein,” and my sad failure, “Sweet Tooth.” The sweet offerings on their website included such tantalizing offers

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What’s in the Box: Gourmet Spotting Review

Really, Gourmet Spotting? This is what you considered worth my $37? Their website proudly promises 4-6 full sized gourmet products. I hadn’t expected one of those full sized products to be a squeezy lemon. Seriously? In addition to being one of the cheapest items in any grocery store, these abominations are a crime against citrus. If I want to fill

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What’s in the Box: KlutchClub Review

After three deaths and nine maimings at Thunderdome #7, I decided to order my minions a somewhat more “nutritious” subscription box. When I first received this month’s package from KlutchClub, I thought The Pharaoh sent me a purse as a surprise present. Instead, I found a bakers dozen of healthy or interesting products, most of which are actually ingestible. First

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