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Dragon*Con Poster Giveaway

Chris-Rachael holding your Walking Dead Poster

Hello, minions! Behold the glory of Kitchen Overlord’s first posters! These 12X18 renditions of our Walking Dead illustrated recipe are the perfect size to decorate your kitchen cabinets while also keeping you abreast of useful post apocalyptic survival skills.

We’re mercilessly using these to pimp two of our upcoming books with one promotional item, because here in the lair, we’re both cheap and efficient. It’s like living in a DARPA lab where every experiment is edible.

The Noshing Dead: The Unauthorized Walking Dead Cookbook will be available just in time for the show’s fall premier. It’s chock full of both gory recipes that look like something only a zombie could eat and post-apocalyptic chow for survivors who’ve run out of canned goods.

The Kitchen Overlord Illustrated Geek Cookbook will be available in December. It’ll have your favorite recipes from the website, plus some print-only exclusives.

Chris-Rachael is giving away 100 of these posters at Dragon*Con. For free.  Look for her in the blue TARDIS dress pictured above. If you can’t find her, tweet @chrisrachael or try looking around the Marriott bar, because she likes to pretend she’s on Farscape’s Moya when drinking.

Dragoncon Hotel or Farscape Set?
One of these is a spaceship. The other is a hotel. Either is inspirational when drinking.

What’s that? You can’t make it to Dragon*Con but you still want a poster? Well, luckily for you we’re conspiring to make that happen in time for the holidays. There are plans afoot to offer signed book and poster packages for Dining With The Doctor plus posters of all three Whovian recipes and signed book and poster packages for The Noshing Dead with our Walking Dead and Zombie Brains posters.

We’ve tried darts, dice, and ritual sacrifice, but we can’t pick which other illustration’s would make good posters. As much as we’d love to, we can’t afford to print them all. Make your voices heard, minions. What illustrated recipe would you buy in poster form? Vote in the sidebar poll or tell us in the comments. If there’s any consensus, we’ll make it happen.

Walking Dead Poster Action Shot
Action Shot! You wish your kitchen was this awesome.