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Corpse-tastic Walking Dead Party Spread

Savory Corpse Rectangle 01

I already gave you a kick ass sweet spread for your Walking Dead parties, but some of you aren’t fans of dessert. Honestly, that makes me wonder if you’ve already been bitten.

For those of you who need a savory solution to your corpse-esque catering problems, I present this carefully flayed corpse.

The skin is made from a base of white and red tortillas. Above that, you find rare roast beef lungs, a naan ribcage, a pulsating heart of red beans and sundried tomatoes, hummus kidneys, roasted red bell pepper upper intestines, and hard boiled Chinese tea eggs drenched with paprika infused dal for the lower intestines. If that’s not enough to impress your guests, they might already be walkers, because this spread is disgustingly delicious.

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