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Game of Thrones Week: Top 8 Ways to Eat and Drink Your Way Through Westeros

Game of Thrones mother-of-flagons

If you were traumatized by the Season 3 finale (because you both haven’t read the books and somehow avoided spoilers) then you can bury your face in the comforting bosom of the Mother of Flagons.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Beer

Well, her babies might not be too happy about that, so maybe you want to stop by your liquor store and pick up some of the (very real) Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale. It’s as light as Daenerys’s hair and as mild as Sansa’s brain.

Game of Thrones Winterfell-Coaster-600x450

You wouldn’t want to mess up the ancestral furniture, though, so you should use your flagon of Iron Throne beer to crush these Winterfell coasters. (Also available in Tully, Baratheon, and all your favorite subjugated houses.)

GoT Wax Seal Coaster TG

If those aren’t regal enough, you can also plant your goblets on these $20 wax seal coasters depicting each of the houses. Burning oil and singed bodies not included.

GoT Wines

If the series has driven you as Stark Raving mad as a Stark smuggled out of the city, there’s this entirely unofficial collection of Stark wines. Drink enough of the Stark Raving Red and rumor has it you might even forget Robb’s wedding.

GoT Wine Glass via Etsy

If you drink enough of that Stark wine, you’ll need a map home painted on your wine glasses. Luckily, Etsy shop JocelynArielle will hand paint an entire map of Westeros on your wine glass for $55.


GoT Flask

Protecting all those royal ingrates can be a pain. Whether you’re a gold cloak or a knife for hire, you can get a $28 flask to help warm you through the night – and help identify which house should pay for your burial rights if things go wrong.

GoT Dragon Cookies

The $55  officially licensed Game of Thrones cookies may be lost to the mists of history, but you don’t need to be as rich as a Lannister to afford your very own Dragon Egg cookie jars. Also perfectly sized for holding horse hearts if you plan on bringing your new wife an extra special treat.

Game of Thrones Impin aint' easy

While he can afford the overpriced cookies, you know Tyrion would rather share some lemon cakes with a certain redhead.

GoT cookbook cover

If you need some comforting food to go with all that comforting beer and wine,  The fine folks who run The Inn At The Crossroads bring you the gorgeous official cookbook, A Feast of Ice And Fire

Got Rockin It

Grab a beer and a tissue. Much like winter, Season Four is coming.