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11 Free Supernatural Coloring Pages for Season 11 + 2 Slashy Fan Art Coloring Books!

spm castiel colors

The CW’s Supernatural may be the only nerdy show NOT coming out with a coloring book this season. Never fear, though! Fans have come to your rescue with scads of coloring pages and a few multi-artist coloring books.

Celebrate the return of the Winchester brothers and their angelic and demonic sidekicks as they return for an 11th season of the slashiest “horror” show on television.


spn padalecki 01

Coloring My Fandoms on Tumblr has four pages of Supernatural colorable fan art plus scads more pages from all your favorite fandoms. Check them out!

spn everybody in baby

Artist Toonadas has this great drawing of Supernatural’s Season 4 Dream Team all piled into baby. You can print out the black and white version to color yourself or see the artist’s fully colorized version.

spn wegj season 6 line art

DeviantArtist wejg has a pair of very nice, entirely PG, season 6 coloring pages.

spn sam

Artist Jeremy Haun demonstrates his sketching technique with four versions of this drawing, ranging from pencils to inks to grey tones. It’s a wonderfully educational post as well as giving colorists multiple options.

spn art nouveau

DeviantArtist kleinmeli has this lovely art nouveau sketch of the Winchester Brothers and Baby as well as several impressive pen and ink drawings on their page.

spn team free will

Pintrest once more brings us an uncredited drawing, this time of Team Free Will. (I do try to link back to original artists whenever possible. Show them some love!)

spn line art

Artist Ileliberte has a lovely pair of pages with Sam and Dean in the diner of the week.

spn castiel chibi 01

DeviantArtist blackbirdsrose has several adorable chibi-tastic colorable sketches of Castiel.

spn cas princess

MaskedFanGirl on Tumblr has this adorable line art of Castiel as a pretty princess (I’m sure he’s getting ready to follow the path of the bees).

spn chibi doodles

Chibi fans can also enjoy DeviantArtist darksquishy‘s compilation of all your favorite Supernatural icons and catchphrases.


Did someone say slash?

spn color me on lj

The spn_colorme Livejournal community has some adorable PG chibi illustrations you can download, but for those of you who only watch Supernatural for the slash, there are plenty of pages behind an 18-or-over link.

spn dcce coloring book colored in

Meanwhile, over on Tumblr, the DeanCas Coloring Exchange compiled 36 pages of Destiel line art by different artists all for your pervy coloring pleasure. You can download the entire thing on their home page or surf through examples of pages colored by other fans.

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