Iron Man Arc Reactor Sweet Rolls

Avengers! You have one heck of a task ahead of you if you really want to assemble these heroically tasty rolls. You’re essentially making two different flavors of cinnamon(esque) rolls plus two different icings, then topping them off with a tasty slice of fried banana. Since they’re honestly a bit of a pain to make, consider doubling the recipe so

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Edible Art: Tony Stark’s Seductively Good Arc Reactor Pasta

There’s more to life than good schwarma. Inspire your own home team of Avengers with Tony’s own artfully narcissistic pasta dish. Represent the rest of the team with a spinach and kale smoothie as green as the Hulk, some moussaka for Hawkeye’s smooth purple and black look, or an uberpartiotic edible version of Captain America’s Shield. Tony Stark’s Seductively Good

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Captain America’s Breakfast S.H.I.E.L.D. Mark II

Ahh. That’s better. My first attempt at recreating Captain America’s shield as a delicious breakfast treat was, ahem, well intentioned. The Mark II shield, however, can patriotically defend you from hunger pangs while hearkening back to a simpler era. Unlike Steve Rogers himself, this recipe is incredibly easy. Captain America’s Breakfast S.H.I.E.L.D. Ingredients: One tortilla One egg Four drops of

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