5 Ways to Geek Up Your Passover!

Whether you’re looking for a whole new Haggadah or just an interesting take on the 10 Plagues, the internet is rife with ways for you to geek up your holiday. How is this day different from all other days? And stop saying, “Because I know I’m a Cylon, now,” Saul. That’s not the answer to every question. Read the whole

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Sci Fi Life Hacks Episode 1: Space Travel

Sci Fi Life Hacks 01 - Space Travel

Welcome to Kitchen Overlord’s shiny new webseries – Sci Fi Life Hacks! On this week’s episode, your Kitchen Overlord answers questions about life on board your favorite Sci Fi Space Ships to help with your long term success and survival. Whether you need to know about Battlestar Galactica’s policy on octagonal foods, the marketability of sentient spaceship milk, or proper

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Settlers of Catan City Pot Pies

A sturdy city is built on two kinds of grain, three kinds of ore, and the forgotten ruins of the settlement that came before it. This hex shaped city is nourished with hearty wheat flour and cornmeal, for lo, our fields are fertile. It’s reinforced with the healthy building blocks of carrots, peas, and corn, because sadly our children protest

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