#Wormsign Winners!

Two names floated up from the Guild Navigators tanks! They summon @Hydra_Lord from Twitter and Arild Balog from Facebook as #wormsign sandworm bread contest winners! Instead of putting your hand in a box to prove you humanity, you merely need to send contact information so your Kitchen Overlord will know where to send your signed copy of Geek Breads when

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Week 1 – Geeky Stocking Stuffers Facebook Contest

Kitchen Overlord Stocking Stuffer Contest - Gaming

Kitchen Overlord’s first Geektastic Stocking Stuffer contest is still ongoing. There are only a handful of entries so far, so your odds are good. This one runs through midnight Wednesday, December 4th. I’ll announce the winner plus a whole new contest on Thursday morning. Just like loving you, winning is easy. For the next three Thursdays, I’m throwing you all

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Contest: Kitchen Overlord Stuffs Your Geeky Stocking

Kitchen Overlord Stocking Stuffer Contest - TV and Movies

I see you when you’re sleeping. I know when you’re awake. No, I’m not the world’s most beloved red clad stalker. I just tapped into the NSA’s database. You’ve all been very naughty. I know you have stockings to fill. Luckily, I have things to give away. For the next three Thursdays, I’m throwing you all in the Thunderdome of

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CONTEST: Snag Superhero Swag

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, this week Kitchen Overlord is reposting our best Superhero themed recipes. We’re also hosting a week long contest wherein you can win a collection of superhero themed swag. These two things are related. True believers, your mission is to come up with the cleverest superhero or comic book related recipe title. You have

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CONTEST: Much Ado About LootCrate Update

You have some fierce competition for these Joss Whedon shirts and LootCrate goodies! In addition to the public entries on the original contest post, I’ve received some excellent entries via email. So far, my favorites include: Pan-Galactic Garlic Baguettes The Mos Eisley Scum Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Grog Pika Chews Kobe-Yashi Wagyu Think you can do better? Prove it. WHAT

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CONTEST: Much Ado About Loot Crate

Snarky recipes are nice, but man, making Superman Bread or edible Alien Xenomorph Eggs takes work. Sometimes, you just want to be rewarded for thinking pretty thoughts. No problem. I have some prizes here in need of a home. You have brains, delicious brains. Now put down the knife. I don’t need a biopsy sample. WHAT YOU DO: Use those

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