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More than Schwarma: Iron Man Noms Roundup

Iron Man Rubber Ducky cake

Before I grace you with some original Iron Man recipes, I thought I’d share the rest of the world’s edible Iron Man creations. This caketacular depiction of Iron Man riding a rubber ducky makes me think there must be some kind of extensive fanfic backstory. Wait, it’s hosted on DeviantArt. Change that from “think” to “know.” While she has a

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Edible Art: R’leh Easy Cthulhu Pot Pies

Cthulhu Pot Pies Header

If hunger comes to you at night like the whisperer in darkness, don’t eat those elder things in the fridge. Instead, stuff these adorable little icons of the elder gods into the unquenchable pit of your belly along with a mountain of madness inducing mashed potatoes. Recipe: 2 tubes refrigerated biscuits 1 cup frozen mixed vegetables 1 large can cooked

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PhenomeNOMS: Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton

PhenomeNOMS: Wil Wheaton By Erin Parr Welcome to the eighth edition of PhenomeNOMS, a look at famous geeks and the food that has either inspired them, or is inspired by them. This week features one of the internet’s favorite child actors turned internet blogger, Wil Wheaton. Wheaton’s most famous television role was playing Wesley Crusher, son of Doctor Beverly Crusher,

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