Make Your Own Star Wars Adventure With 50 Vintage 1980’s Coloring Pages

Over the years, Lucas Films has literally licensed thousands of Star Wars coloring pages. After bringing you 30 Dune Coloring Pages for Nihilistic Children, Kitchen Overlord has now culled down a select collection of 50 pages from 1980’s coloring books to create a Spoiler Free Make Your Own Star Wars Adventure story requiring zero knowledge of the original series. In fact, the less you know about the source material the better.

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5 Ways to Geek Up Your Passover!

Whether you’re looking for a whole new Haggadah or just an interesting take on the 10 Plagues, the internet is rife with ways for you to geek up your holiday. How is this day different from all other days? And stop saying, “Because I know I’m a Cylon, now,” Saul. That’s not the answer to every question. Read the whole

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Pocky Lightsabers

I’m not sure what nefarious deal Glico made with the great tentacled underlord that rests beneath the Japanese peninsula, but once more, they have all the best snack food. No, my minions, what you see is not a product of photoshop. There are real, edible, officially licensed Pocky lightsabers for sale, and because Lucasfilms likes to taunt us poor Americans,

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