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Science Fiction

Sci Fi Life Hacks Episode 4: Dinosaurs

On this week’s Sci Fi Life Hacks, Kitchen Overlord answers your questions about everything from Flintstones vacuum cleaner accidents to what to do with a leftover Silurian Space Ark as we tackle the past and future of Dinosaurs! Have a pressing question you want us to answer? Post it in […]

Found on the Web

Thyme Lord

I know it’s Star Trek week here at Kitchen Overlord, but like any good fan, I’m willing to tuck a little T.A.R.D.I.S. peanut butter into my Enterprise chocolate for the sake of sharing this little YouTube gem I found on Geeks Are Sexy. Sneaky Zebra‘s well made fan film comes […]

Recipes and Tasty Goodness

PhenomeNOMS: Chris Hardwick

PhenomeNOMS: Chris Hardwick By Erin Parr Welcome to the fifth edition of PhenomeNOMS, a look at famous geeks and the food that has either inspired them, or is inspired by them.  This week’s edition features Chris Hardwick, an actor, comedian, musician, and nerd media overlord. Born in Kentucky, Chris started […]