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To boldly drink

Star Trek wine

Staring into the temptation of Star Trek wines led me through a wormhole that emptied in a place far stranger than the Gamma Quadrant. There’s a very special corner of the internet reserved entirely for alcoholic Trekkers.

I want to go to their parties.

star trek tng wine glasses

If you’re going to invest in Star Trek Wines, you need Star Trek Wine Goblets to serve them in. For $65, Etsy seller ImpulseCreativity will hand paint your command, science, and engineering goblets to look like something Guinan should stock in Ten Forward.

star trek tos wine glasses

If you prefer your Trek a little more old school, CyberGlassware etches command, engineering, science and medical Original Series insignia onto white wine glasses for only $35.

Think Geek Star Trek Goblets

ThinkGeek also offers four engraved Star Trek: The Original Series tumblers for $30.

Klingon Corkscrew set

Before you crack open your bottle of Mirror Mirror, you’ll want a Klingon Corkscrew (not to be confused with an Agonizer unless you want to risk special discipline from the great Goateed one.)

Klingon Wine Rack

Now that you have a Klingon Bird of Prey to open your wines and and Next Generation or Original Series goblets for serving, you obviously need a modified Bat’leth wine rack for proper bottle storage.

Star Ship Enterprise Bottle Opener

If all that makes wine seem like too much of a hassle, you can always grab your trusty Enterprise bottle opener and kick back with a six pack of Vulcan Ale.

Vulcan Ale

Check out these Star Trek themed recipes from Kitchen Overlord:

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Klingon Blood Orange Pull Apart Bread
Stuffed Starfleet Insignia with Vulcan Vegan Keema
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Klingon Octopus (from our friends at Food Replicator)

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