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Nerdy Super Bowl Snacks

Movies may like to portray jocks and geeks in an endless battle that can only be won when we cybernetically harness the meatbags to become our personal slaves. In real life, a heck of a lot of sports fans play things other than Madden on their X-Box while a heck […]


FBI Files: Bryton Taylor of Food in Literature

Greetings, minions! Your Kitchen Overlord has decided to share her nefarious dossier on certain chefs of interest. These records are called the Food Blogger Interviews, or FBI Files for short. You can peek inside these confidential records every Thursday. Today I’m sharing my findings on Bryton Taylor of Food in […]

Sherlock Series 3
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Sherlock Sunday

Cakes! Cookies! Kedgeree? This Sunday, UK readers are suffering from Sherlock Sadness, the mourning one feels when you’ve just seen the last new episode of Sherlock for years to come. Over in the United States, though, fans are tuning into PBS for the first time since their Sesame Street days […]