Winchester Brothers Pie Shop: Men of Leftovers

This recipe is as forgiving as Castiel discovering the Winchesters just ended the damn world again. Want to use up more chicken? Go for it. Don’t have any leftover potatoes? Microwave one until it’s cooked through and toss it in there. Hate onion jam? Well, I can’t help you blasphemers, but you can always leave it out. You’re wrong, but I’m not Santa Claus or Chuck, so your sins are irrelevant to me.

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$10 Dalek Army of Appetizers (from the new Doctor Who Cookbook)

Desserts usually steal the spotlight at nerdy watch parties, but there are only so many blue cakes and varieties of custard you can eat before you start to crave something savory. Luckily for you, it’s shockingly easy to EX-TER-MI-NATE your grown-up cravings with a $10 army of deliciously homicidal cyborgs. Beet your hunger with these cheap and easy Dalek Goat

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Celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day with some Lazy Gamer’s Spicy Mac and Cheese

On this great day, July 14th, this great nation is united to celebrate the culinary genius-ness of Thomas Jefferson, The staple of every American home, the nutritional gourmet dish of every gamer… National Mac & Cheese day! But this particular day comes to us bitter sweet as we morn the loss of our digital gaming pope, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata,

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It’s a Fez. I eat Fezzes now.

Fast Fez Cupcakes for Whovian viewing parties

If you’ve got $10 and 100 minutes, you can impress your fellow Whovians this Saturday with a plate full of edible fezzes. Fast Fez Cupcakes 1 box red velvet cake mix 1 tub cream cheese icing ½ tbsp red food coloring 1 black icing pen ¼ cup chocolate chips Mix the cake batter according to package directions. Unlike the ginormous,

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