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Battle of the Whovian Backpacks

In honor of Back to School season coinciding with Capaldi’s debut as The Doctor, Amazon.com has a sale on three different Doctor Who backpacks, each with horrifically bad, keyword laden titles that will make your average Whovian scream. Luckily, no one has to know the list name. Instead, they will […]

Voodoo Doughnuts Review - Portland Oregon

Rogue Ale + Voodoo Doughnuts = Irresistable Beer

I happened to visit the Portland Saturday Market on a day when Rogue Ale was selling their Voodoo Donuts Pretzel, Raspberry, and Chocolate Ale. After Sampling Voodoo Doughnuts before, I naturally I had to compare the pepto bismol pink bottle’s contents with their original inspiration, so I spent half an […]

Subscription Box Reviews

What’s in the Box: Peckish May Review

I’m not sure it’s possible to fully express my disdain for the Peckish Food Subscription Box. The website makes it sound pretty good. For $15+shipping, you get three generously sized bags of organic snacks. You’re allowed to pick among themes including “Energy Booster,” “Protein,” and my sad failure, “Sweet Tooth.” […]