Desserts Cosplay as a Flayed Corpse

Walking Dead sweet snack spread from The Noshing Dead cookbook.

It’s not what you think, officer. Honest. I’ve never even met my next door neighbors. You’re just looking at a sweets spread for the Walking Dead. The skin is really vanilla and red velvet crepes held together with a thin smear of cherry jelly. I piled on a coconut biscotti ribcage, red velvet cheesecake upper intestines, and spreadable cinnamon sugar

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Dragon*Con Poster Giveaway

Hello, minions! Behold the glory of Kitchen Overlord’s first posters! These 12X18 renditions of our Walking Dead illustrated recipe are the perfect size to decorate your kitchen cabinets while also keeping you abreast of useful post apocalyptic survival skills. We’re mercilessly using these to pimp two of our upcoming books with one promotional item, because here in the lair, we’re

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