Month: July 2013


CONTEST: Much Ado About LootCrate Update

You have some fierce competition for these Joss Whedon shirts and LootCrate goodies! In addition to the public entries on the original contest post, I’ve received some excellent entries via email. So far, my favorites include: Pan-Galactic Garlic Baguettes The Mos Eisley Scum Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Grog Pika Chews […]

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How to play with your food

If you’ve wondered what to do with Vine’s six second looped videos, Hunter Harrison has the awesome answer – play with your food! He used cheeze-its, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and other kitchen staples to send our favorite plumber up a cliff, down a flagpole, and into a castle. Check […]

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If only these Star Wars boozes were real

Listen up, marketers. If the Star Wars franchise is good enough for Disney, it’s good enough for you. Once more, I prove I’m a sucker for clever labels. I’d buy any of these bottles. Clearly, I approve of anything using Qui-Gon’s Gin. Use the force, Sky (Walker) Vodka. It really […]