Month: July 2013


Dollar Store Drinks Episode 2: Peach Sour

Impoverished alcoholics, frat boys, and human fois gras ranchers rejoice! We’re back with a new episode of Dollar Store Drinks! This week, our Kitchen Overlord shows you how to make a somewhat dubious but surprisingly drinkable Peach Sour using bottom shelf whiskey, dollar store peach juice and a plastic tub […]

Comics and Superheroes

CONTEST: Snag Superhero Swag

In honor of San Diego Comic Con, this week Kitchen Overlord is reposting our best Superhero themed recipes. We’re also hosting a week long contest wherein you can win a collection of superhero themed swag. These two things are related. True believers, your mission is to come up with the […]


Much Ado About Loot Crate Winners

Nearly 40 entries? You clever minions didn’t make this easy.  There were so many good recipe titles that I’m counting down to the winner in the form of a Top 10 list. #10: The Necronom-Nom-Nomicon #9: A Game of Scones #8: Expecto Potatoes #7: Bat-Naan Bread #6: Iocane Powdered Sugar […]

Subscription Box Reviews

Loot Crate versus Booty Bin

UPDATE! I have a newer review of Loot Crate vs Booty Bin vs newcomer Nerd Block. Click here to see a comparison of all three. I’m sure the question of Loot Crate versus Booty Bin hasn’t actually been keeping anyone up nights, but I get a surprising number of 3 […]

Found on the Web, Science Fiction

Pocky Lightsabers

I’m not sure what nefarious deal Glico made with the great tentacled underlord that rests beneath the Japanese peninsula, but once more, they have all the best snack food. No, my minions, what you see is not a product of photoshop. There are real, edible, officially licensed Pocky lightsabers for […]