FBI Files: Nerds and Nomsense

Greetings, Minions! For today’s FBI Files, I give you a peek at the dark underbelly of Nerds and Nomsense. Well, maybe not dark, per se. Tragically, also not fishbelly white enough to reflect moonlight, either. Really, these places just don’t know how to live up to properly villainous stereotypes. Look at that complexion! Porcelain smooth and the color of a

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FBI Files: Food Replicator Interview

Food Replicator Rokeg

Greetings, minions! Your Kitchen Overlord is now keeping a dossier on certain chefs of interest. These records are called the Food Blogger Interviews, or FBI Files for short. Come back every Thursday for a peek at my findings. Today, I’m interrogating the Star Trek recipe blog, Food Replicator. She not only gives up information about her own blog, but also

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Edible Art: Sisko’s Speedy Gumbo

When your grandfather owns a Cajun restaurant and your father throws dinner parties for inter-planetary diplomats, you pick up cooking skills useful for any situation. If you only have an hour to impress your guests, try Jake Sisko’s Speedy Gumbo. Sisko’s Speedy Gumbo 4 cups chicken broth 3 cups shredded rotisserie chicken 2 cups precooked andouille sausage, cut into coins

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Guest Post: Klingon Octopus from Food Replicator

Your Kitchen Overlord foolishly tried to transport herself out of the Level 5 Biohazard zone. Luckily, minion Kirsten Wright of Food Replicator was able to scramble her reassembly without actually creating a Riker-like duplicate incident. We think. As a reward for keeping our Overlord and her rather aggressive virus safely contained, we gave her free reign in the kitchen. This

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Dragon*Con Flashback: Pain d’Enterprise

Today, I’m boldly going on a 14 hour mission to drive from Austin to Atlanta. While I’m away at Dragon*Con, enjoy these classic Kitchen Overlord recipes for geeky goodness. I’m kicking things off with a tableside declaration of my loyalty to Starfleet: pain d’Enterprise. It sounds like something evil mirror universe Spock would serve, but it’s really a surprisingly easy

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