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Timey Wimey Yummy Nummy

I have no idea if the Cookie Cowgirl has ever wrangled a goat or galloped into town on the back of bull while gripping the horns to steer, but she certainly knows how to make some amazing Whovian cookies. You can cyberstalk her on Facebook (where she has plenty more […]

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Top 5 Zombie Food Trucks

If flesh is falling off your bones and you need your daily recommended dose of of delicious brains, these five food trucks (and two honorable mentions) exist to satisfy your undead cravings Zombies Food Truck is simple, direct, and incredibly deceptive. Their slogan is “Bringing your tastebuds back from the […]


CONTEST: Much Ado About Loot Crate

Snarky recipes are nice, but man, making Superman Bread or edible Alien Xenomorph Eggs takes work. Sometimes, you just want to be rewarded for thinking pretty thoughts. No problem. I have some prizes here in need of a home. You have brains, delicious brains. Now put down the knife. I […]

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Bacon Shuts Down Interstate

Here in Austin, our largest, most congested traffic artery was shut down when a truck full of pork bellies caught fire. Sure, Texans love a good barbecue, but this is taking it to extremes. In the purity of my mind, the entire accident looked like a live action version of […]